How long can i live with esophageal webbing please no stupid answers?

Answer It can b controlled with an iron treatment and a healthy diet but your doctor is the best person to ask, good luck

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I know this sounds stupid but how long can you live without your heart?

There are no stupid questions when you are looking for knowledge.You can not survive without your heart. It pumps the blood throughout the entire body.During a surgery like a heart transplant, they... Read More »

How come all the q's and a's on Yahoo answers are ridiculous and stupid?

Some of them are very good--yours wasn't.

Dildo to college(no stupid answers please)?

I suppose you could always hide it inside of you and smuggle it in.

Why do nipples get hard And please no stupid answers relating to sex!?

Nipples are filled with nerve endings. They are made of tissue that can become erect when engorged with blood. Rubbing, thinking sexy thoughts, or even a puff of chilly air can cause nipples to ri... Read More »