How long can i leave my laptop on?

Answer Laptops tend to overheat, so it's not a good idea to leave one running unused, but it will last on battery power until the battery dies. Running off an AC adapter, you can leave a laptop on indefin... Read More »

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Is it better to leave a laptop computer on for long stretches, rather turn it on and off daily or more?

TURN IT OFF!!! i bought a MAC about a year ago, and the rechargable battery already went on it cuz i never turned it off. that thing was 120 bucks to replace.

How long is it safe to leave a laptop computer inside of a car parked outside in the heat?

You should not leave a laptop inside of a parked car when its hot out for any amount of time because the car and unit can heat up very quickly and potentially fry the hardware, according to Best La... Read More »

Is it ok to leave laptop on 24/7?

Well since people here are dumb, ill answer your question..Its fine to leave it on. i leave mine on for weeks at a time, and its fine.It will not overheat from leaving it on, and it wont catch fire... Read More »

Can you leave a laptop on all day?

It'll be fine if it's on a table or a desk. Just don't leave it on a bed as some teen girls do as the laptop cannot "breathe" and it might catch fire.