How long can hard-boiled eggs stay unrefrigerated?

Answer Hard-boiled eggs are considered safe to eat if they were out of the refrigerator for two hours or less. Dishes made from hard-boiled eggs, such as egg salad and tuna salad, should be thrown away af... Read More »

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How long can hard boiled eggs be left unrefrigerated?

Hard-boiled eggs remain safe to eat if they have been out of the refrigerator for no more than two hours. Egg dishes like deviled eggs should be stored in the refrigerator and tossed out after thre... Read More »

How long do boiled eggs stay fresh?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends hard-boiled eggs, whether still in the shell or peeled, be consumed within one week after they've been cooked. The FDA also says to refrigerate hard... Read More »

How long are hard-boiled eggs good for?

Up to a week or more than that..I use lots of boiled eggs in my salads..=)

How long can you leave hard-boiled eggs out?

Hard-boiled eggs should be refrigerated immediately after cooking and cooling, unless you are eating them right away. Any boiled eggs that are unrefrigerated for more than two hours should be disca... Read More »