How long can fish live without food in an aquarium?

Answer Healthy fish living in an aquarium can survive for a week without food. Individuals going on vacations do not have to worry about purchasing a vacation feeder or an automatic feeder for time period... Read More »

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How long can fish live without a pump?

How long a fish can survive in an aquarium without a pump varies by the type of fish and aquarium size. Aquariums should be equipped with a pump to provide aeration to the water and aquarium's inha... Read More »

How long can tropical fish survive without food?

Tropical fish can live up to two weeks without being fed; however it's not recommended to wait that long between feedings. While it's fine to leave fish unfed over long weekends if the owner is goi... Read More »

How long will a Betta fish survive without food?

Betta fish can live four to seven days without food. In the wild, Betta fish, which are also called Siamese fighting fish, don't eat every day. Many owners will occasionally skip a day to mimic the... Read More »

How long can a boa constrictor live without food?

After eating a large prey such as a pig or monkey, a boa can go for a week or even longer without eating. Boa constrictors are cold-blooded animals and move slowly. They do not require a great amou... Read More »