How long can expired milk stay frozen?

Answer Expired milk can stay frozen for up to three months. After thawing, individuals may notice the milk contains an aroma that is slightly off. It is suggested that thawing frozen milk should be done i... Read More »

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How long can elk meat stay frozen?

Once the elk has been field dressed and wrapped for storage in freezer paper and stored in a resealable plastic bag, it will last 9 to 12 months in the freezer. It is important that the freezer is ... Read More »

How long does frozen shrimp stay good?

In a 0 degree Fahrenheit freezer, shrimp will be good for 12 months, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension office. You can freeze cooked or raw shrimp. Shrimp will last longer if frozen r... Read More »

How long will frozen meat stay good outside of refrigerator?

Once the meat is fully thawed and at room temperature the max is four hours. Because the meat is frozen you have alittle extra time while it thaws. It is hard to tell when the meat has reached room... Read More »

How long will pecans stay fresh frozen in the shell?

Pecans frozen in the shell will keep for several years. Since they won't keep considerably longer than shelled pecans, however, you may want to save space in your freezer by shelling the pecans bef... Read More »