How long can dried corn be stored?

Answer According to the United States Department of Homeland Security, dried corn can be stored indefinitely, provided that it is properly stored in the appropriate containers and isn't contaminated by in... Read More »

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Where should dried fruit be stored?

Dried fruit should be stored in freezer bags, canning jars or plastic freezer containers. These containers should all have airtight seals or lids. For best results, fruit should be packed in servin... Read More »

Type of Dried Corn Required for Making Tortillas?

When Americans think about eating corn, it's generally in the form of fresh ears. Those varieties are carefully bred to produce plump, sweet, juicy kernels when harvested immature. For most other c... Read More »

How long can gas be stored in a gas can?

The American Petroleum Institute recommends that gasoline be discarded at a disposal facility after two years at the most. They also recommend not storing gasoline from season to season. Gasoline p... Read More »

How long do dried beans last?

Dried beans last a year or more with proper storage. Cooler temperatures prolong shelf life, although refrigerators add too much moisture. Regular, food-grade plastic bags provide adequate storage ... Read More »