How long can dod civilians serve on active duty?

Answer Though "active duty" is a term that applies to military duty, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians often relocate to assist the U.S. military at its global outposts. DoD civilians receive foreign ... Read More »

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Who was the last active duty commodore to serve?

Over 100 captains were promoted to the rank of commodore during World War II, with remaining active duty commodores after the war then reverting back to captain or being promoted to rear admiral be... Read More »

How long would you stay at one duty station Army Active Duty?

There's really no definite answer for this. The Army moves personnel around as needed, and there isn't a set pattern to it.

If you are former active duty and your spouse is still active duty do you still get the post 9 11 gi bill benefit for housing allowance while going to school?

Your status under the GI Bill, any of the incarnations of it, are dependent solely upon you, your time in service, and your status as relates to school.

Can the Army ROTC pay for my bachelor's degree and medical school before i serve in Active Duty and in the Army Reserve for 6 or 8 years?