How long can coleslaw be left out of the refrigerator?

Answer If it has Mayo in it, it must be kept cold!

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How long can potato salad be left out of the refrigerator?

Potato salad should not be left unrefrigerated for more than two hours. Less time is better. In fact, if the ambient temperature is around 90°F, cut that time to less than 1 hour.

How long can leftover stuffing be left in the refrigerator?

Stuffing is the quickest side-dish from your Thanksgiving meal to go bad, because it is made from stale bread. That means it's already on life support. Three days maximum, but give it a sniff for... Read More »

How long can you keep left over turkey dressing in refrigerator?

only leave it in the fridge for about a couple of days because of moisture in fridges

How long can an open jar of rague be left in the refrigerator. I used it for lasagna?

If there is no mold likely still okay in the future though I would place in a container in the fridge . I do this with sauces and tomato paste etc. when leftovers will not be used within a week.