How long can chicken pox live outside your body?

Answer If you mean outside as in a not infected person, then forever until it's killed by something that's meant to or by accident.

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How long does hepatitis c live outside the body?

On One Hand: Is not stable in the environmentThe Hepatitis C virus is not known for its ability to exist outside the human body without the presence of host organisms. It is very unstable in the en... Read More »

How long does sperm live outside the body. Specifically I have the following questions?

Actually, sperm DOES survive when exposed to air... Im just not sure how long. When having sex, air is pushed into the vagina whether you know it or not. It doesn't mean that all the sperm are goin... Read More »

Can you feel your baby's body from the outside if you push hard on your abdomen during 4th month of pregnancy?

Answer No you cannot as your baby is protected by a sac which is full of fluid. This protects your baby from harm during your pregnancy. However you may be able to feel a hardness in the lower par... Read More »

How long can a tick live on a body?

A tick stays on a host only for the length of a feeding. After a tick attaches to a host, it will feed anywhere from four hours to several days. The tick will then detach from the host when done fe... Read More »