How long can chicken pox live outside your body?

Answer If you mean outside as in a not infected person, then forever until it's killed by something that's meant to or by accident.

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How long can a tick live on a body?

A tick stays on a host only for the length of a feeding. After a tick attaches to a host, it will feed anywhere from four hours to several days. The tick will then detach from the host when done fe... Read More »

How long does hepatitis c live outside the body?

On One Hand: Is not stable in the environmentThe Hepatitis C virus is not known for its ability to exist outside the human body without the presence of host organisms. It is very unstable in the en... Read More »

How long do sperm cells live once out of the body?

Once sperm are outside the body, most die within a few minutes. Some may survive for up to an hour. Inside the body, most sperm can live for a few days, and some may live for up to five days.Source... Read More »

How Long Does Sprem Live Inside A womans Body?