How long can banana bread be kept in refrigerator?

Answer About 2-3 days on the counter and a week in the fridge.

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How long can a banana be in the refrigerator?

Bananas don't react well to refrigeration. If they are kept too cool, they don't ripen and the skins turn gray. If you must refrigerate bananas, do so only for a day or two.

How long can bread last in refrigerator?

around 5 days but I highly suggest you freeze it.

How long does it take bread to mold in the refrigerator?

The time it takes for bread to mold depends on the humidity conditions and temperature. Mold grows more quickly when air is sealed inside a bag of bread, and when bread is left at room temperature.... Read More »

Which would you choose here: apple bread, banana bread, raisin bread or something else?

Banana bread - with miniature chocolate chips,