How long can an immigrant stay in the usa?

Answer How long an immigrant can stay in the U.S. depends on the type of Visa the person obtained prior to visiting. Many stay for a short time on business or holiday. There are many types of Visas availa... Read More »

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How long do you stay at Top Gun?

I am an American fighting in the forces which guard our country and our way of life.

How long can air force 1 stay in the air?

Prevention Preparedness Response Recovery Mitigation

How long do you stay crossfaded?

If you're that tiny... For a long time...I'm I70 lbs n I was on shrooms weed and a handle of pinnacle ... I passed out and woke up in my house (50 miles from where I originally was... I guess I dr... Read More »

How long can a dog stay in a crate?

On One Hand: Most Dogs Can be Crated all NightAccording to the Humane Society, a dog that is used to spending time in a crate can use the crate as his bed. If he is sleeping in it, he can comfortab... Read More »