How long can an iguana go without food?

Answer Iguanas, like most reptiles, are exceptionally skilled at conserving energy. An iguana can go several weeks without needing to eat, though they eat more frequently than that when food is available.... Read More »

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My pet store does not have food; how long can my snake go without food?

A healthy pet snake can go for several weeks or longer without food, if necessary. Snakes generally eat rodents, and providing them with one mouse a week should be sufficient. All snakes do need to... Read More »

What's a regular food item you haven't had to eat in a long long while.?

Stew, I'm going to make a pot of it today for tomorrows dinner, I can't wait to taste it. Stew always tastes nicer the next day..

Have you ever tried iguana meat?

Don't know but I tried alligator- or was it crocodile- meat and it tastes like chicken. Since they're both reptiles, they might taste alike.

What is an iguana's diet?

According to Christine Hancock of the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego, California, the iguana's diet should be comprised of vegetables and fruits like dark, leafy greens, green beans,... Read More »