How long can a snapping turtle hold its breath?

Answer Snapping turtles spend the majority of their time underwater, patiently awaiting a meal to happen by. They are so adept at sitting still, they can stay underwater, without surfacing for air, from 4... Read More »

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How long can a turtle hold its breath under water?

A turtle can hold its breath under water for 4 to 7 hours while it is sleeping. Turtles are amphibians and need air to breathe, so they cannot remain underwater indefinitely. If a turtle is stresse... Read More »

How long can you hold your breath for?

It depends on how long somebodies fart last where I'm at.

How long can a baby hold it's breath?

A human baby is thought be able to hold it's breath for around 10-15 seconds

How long can the average person hold his breath underwater?

According to the Harvard University Gazette, the average person can hold his breath underwater for approximately one minute. However, Time Magazine explains that a person in good health should be a... Read More »