How long can a roll of film wait to be developed?

Answer A roll of exposed film should be processed as soon as possible, ideally within three days, to maintain the quality of the film. You may process it after a longer time, but the film slowly degrades ... Read More »

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How long can you wait to process 35 mm film?

Use 35mm film by the expiration date on the package. Used film slowly degrades the longer it remains unprocessed. To retain great picture quality, KODAK recommends taking 35mm film to be processed ... Read More »

Can old 35mm film be developed?

Though the service is getting harder to find, many places still develop old 35mm film. Retail stores like Walmart, Target and K-Mart, and many pharmacies, take the film. Some places develop it on s... Read More »

Where to get 127 film developed?

Being in the UK changes everything as shipping is going to increase your costs a great deal. The site below will do it for $9 a roll, plus shipping.My opinion, all a waste of money. You're going t... Read More »

Can you bring developed film to a store to get it printed?

Absolutely!How great is that!?!Using the numbers along the feeder holes on the negative, tell the store which numbers of shots you want printed.They'll only charge for prints, not developing.Congra... Read More »