How long can a plant live without any water or sunlight?

Answer 1 The plant will live for two are three days

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How long can plants live without sunlight?

A plant deprived of sunlight can survive indefinitely under artificial lighting. The longest a plant can survive without any light at all is around six months, depending on the species of plant and... Read More »

How long can geckos live without water?

Geckos derive most of their daily water from their food. Therefore, they can survive longer without water than without food. However, they still cannot live more than a few days without water.Refe... Read More »

How long can fresh flowers live without water?

Fresh flowers can last from a few hours to several days without water depending on their species. Species with thicker stems and more leaves will last longer than species with thinner stems and few... Read More »

Does a bamboo plant in water need sunlight?

Lucky bamboo is native to the understory of the rain-forest and needs very little sunlight. Too much light will cause the plant leaves to yellow and allow too much algae to grow in the water in whi... Read More »