How long can a plant live without any water or sunlight?

Answer 1 The plant will live for two are three days

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Does a bamboo plant in water need sunlight?

Lucky bamboo is native to the understory of the rain-forest and needs very little sunlight. Too much light will cause the plant leaves to yellow and allow too much algae to grow in the water in whi... Read More »

How long can plants live without sunlight?

A plant deprived of sunlight can survive indefinitely under artificial lighting. The longest a plant can survive without any light at all is around six months, depending on the species of plant and... Read More »

How Long Does a Pepper Plant Live and How Big Does It Get?

Peppers come in many varieties, colors and shapes. Sweet, juicy sweet peppers are eaten fresh, roasted or in casseroles and add a sweet crunch to dishes. Chile peppers are usually fire-roasted to i... Read More »

How long does a basil plant live?

Basil plants can live for years and are nearly impossible to kill. As they age the flavor of the leaves improves just like a fine wine or scotch.