How long can a person survive without breathing?

Answer On One Hand: Usually Three MinutesAccording to NLJ Fitness and Wellness Consulting, the average human can survive without breathing oxygen for approximately three minutes. However, certain conditio... Read More »

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How Long Can a Person Survive With Just Water?

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How long can a flu virus survive on a surface&infect a person?

It's possible for the influenza virus to survive on surfaces for up to eight hours. Touching a surface that contains live influenza virus poses a risk for infection, as transmission usually occurs ... Read More »

How long can a HIV positive person survive without contracting AIDS Can they lead a normal life?

Indefinitely. It all depends on whether the virus gets immobilized or whether it goes to town. Magic Johnson has had the virus for many years, but has not developed the disease. He's doing somet... Read More »

Do Yoga help us to survive with only breathing ?

Well, it depends on the Yoga you are doing and you intentions behind your Yoga.People do Yoga for three purposes:-1) Sadhana.2) Health.3) Treatment. Only a Sadhaka can attain this state. Atman is t... Read More »