How long can a person live with heart disease?

Answer The average life expectancy of a person diagnosed with heart disease is 10 years. The condition, which leads to heart failure, occurs when the heart becomes too weak to pump a sufficient blood supp... Read More »

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How long can a person live with stage iv heart failure?

On One Hand: Class IV Heart Failure PrognosisThe New England Journal of Medicine says that even with advances in heart medications, the mortality rate for people with heart failure remains high. Th... Read More »

Who was the first person to be diagnosed with heart disease?

In 1878, Dr. Adam Hammer was first to correctly diagnose heart disease later confirmed at autopsy. However, medical confidentiality prohibited the release of the patients' name. The earliest case o... Read More »

Should a person with heart disease change their lifestyle?

It depends what the cause is.If the cause was due to cholesterol etc then yes a better life style would help but as she has degenerative heart disease her lifestyle isnt much to blame, just her age... Read More »

Which test is preferable to know a person is not suffering from heart disease read details?

i've taken them both and both have showed the same results. i have heart disease and have had a heart attack. i think the nuclear stress test is best. they put an IV in your arm and inject nuclear ... Read More »