How long can the average person hold his breath underwater?

Answer According to the Harvard University Gazette, the average person can hold his breath underwater for approximately one minute. However, Time Magazine explains that a person in good health should be a... Read More »

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How long can insurance hold a ticket against a person?

Car insurance companies run a motor vehicle report at renewal time on automobile policies. As long as the department of motor vehicles shows a ticket or points on a driving record, an insurance com... Read More »

How long do solar panels hold their heat?

Most solar panels are photovoltaic, meaning they gather energy from light rather than heat. Less common are thermal solar panels, which absorb the warmth of the sun. The panels themselves do not ... Read More »

How long can turtles hold their breath under water?

The length of time a turtle can hold its breath depends on the type of turtle and whether it is active or resting. An active turtle can hold its breath underwater for 20 minutes, while a resting tu... Read More »

How long can Space Bags hold their vacuum seal?

Space Bags use vacuum seal technology to compress, protect and seal the contents inside them. While the vacuum seal will technically last for 12 months, the contents of the bag should be taken out ... Read More »