How long can insurance hold a ticket against a person?

Answer Car insurance companies run a motor vehicle report at renewal time on automobile policies. As long as the department of motor vehicles shows a ticket or points on a driving record, an insurance com... Read More »

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How long can the average person hold his breath underwater?

According to the Harvard University Gazette, the average person can hold his breath underwater for approximately one minute. However, Time Magazine explains that a person in good health should be a... Read More »

Who was the first person to hold the rank of Admiral in the US Navy?

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (Damn the Torpedoes!) was the first Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, and Admiral in the U.S. Navy. He was promoted to the rank of Admiral by President Lincoln on July 25, ... Read More »

Will this joint be strong enough to hold a 150lb person?

The problem with beds is "dynamic loading" from children jumping, adults who like to flop, and couples making babies. PVC would have to be schedule 80 and bolts must be hardened.

Can you hold a marriage license in more than one state if you are married to the same person?

Obtaining two licenses is certainly possible and legal, although each state has different rules for obtaining a license. To do this, the couple would have to hold ceremonies and file for a license ... Read More »