How long can a person live without sleep?

Answer A good book to read about this is Sleep Thieves by Stanley Coren. He tells a few stories of people who tried to sustain wakefulness. One famous case is the disc jockey Peter Tripp who in 1959 staye... Read More »

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Can a person die of a heart attack in their sleep without feeling any pain?

Yes, people have what is called a "Silent Heart Attack" all the time, especially women. I am a cardiology nurse and we have had to inform many patients that they have had a silent MI. So, in our pr... Read More »

How long can you go without sleep before you get permanet brain dammage?

you can actually go several weeks without sleep before PERMANENT brain damage. two days of no sleep is just going to make you feel a little fuzzy until you get a real night's sleep.

How long can a person survive without breathing?

On One Hand: Usually Three MinutesAccording to NLJ Fitness and Wellness Consulting, the average human can survive without breathing oxygen for approximately three minutes. However, certain conditio... Read More »

How long can a person live without insulin?

Maybe a day or two. Without insulin, our primary cellular fuel, glucose, cannot enter the cells to do it's job... provide energy. Our cells would literally starve to death in a matter of hours.The ... Read More »