Am I a bad person for eating meat?

Answer For eating meat no, for asking such a ridiculous question yes.

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Does eating too much ice give a person cancer?

No that is not true, but eating ice all of the time to the extent it is bothersome to those around you is called pica. You will end up anemic and malnurished if you keep it up.

What effect would eating Argo cornstarch have on a person's health?

I am 31 y FM. I have been eating starch for 13years. I started out eating at the begining of my pregnancy. I found it to be the only thing I craved. 13 years later I find my self severely anemic an... Read More »

Once a dying person has stopped eating, how much longer do they live?

Stopped eating but still drinking can be anything from a few days to a few weeks.Mum lasted 6 weeks after she stopped eating.Love you Mum, RIP.

Can eating healthy prevent a person from developing cancer?

Eating a healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing cancer, but it will not eliminate the risk.