How long can a landlord hold a deposit?

Answer Security deposits ensure that a landlord's tenants keep the property well maintained and as insurance against any neglect or damage. However, landlords must return the security deposit to the tenan... Read More »

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Can My Landlord Hold a Deposit for a Utility Bill?

It's common for a landlord to require a security deposit when a new tenant moves in. Most states set limits on the amount of the deposit and require the landlord to return it unless he uses it to c... Read More »

How long can a landlord hold a rent check?

Landlords can hold a check as long as they want. The specifications may be in your renting agreement. However, most banks will only take checks written within the last six months.Source:Check Expir... Read More »

Why didn't my bank credit my deposit How long does a deposit from Nigeria take?

Yeah, go ahead and send me that account number... I'll look into it for you.PS: Oh yeah, I'll need the routing number, your zip code, and the last 4 digits of your social as well.Edit: Thanks, Mike... Read More »

How much of a deposit does Hertz hold on my credit card to rent a car?

Hertz is a rental car company with quite a few locations across the United States. As of 2010, expect to pay a $200 refundable deposit in addition to the rental cost when you rent a car from the co... Read More »