How long can i survive without water?

Answer rule of 3, 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Those are just averages.

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How long can a cat survive without food or water?

Cats are able to survive without food for several weeks. They are only able to survive without water for a few days. If a cat does not get the water it needs, it is likely to die from dehydration.S... Read More »

Can my plant survive without water for 3 weeks?

Make sure you water it before you go and it should be ok.

Can water lilies survive without soil?

Water lilies are aquatic plants that thrive in pools and ponds, but they do need soil to grow in as well. Most varieties of water lilies should be planted in a pot filled halfway with a loam garden... Read More »

How long can I survive without eating?

3 minutes without air.3 days without water.3 weeks without food.But losing weight, you can't starve yourself. Your body will go into shock and save energy, hence you won't lose weight if you don't ... Read More »