Why would 100% pure water be unsuitable for long-term human consumption?

Answer It seems the number one selling point of bottled water is the purity: clear, free of toxins, filtered to be perfectly clear. The thing is, there already is an entirely pure water available: distil... Read More »

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3 days w/o water3 weeks w/o food3 minutes w/o oxygeneveryones body will react different., times will be different

How long can a cat survive without food or water?

Cats are able to survive without food for several weeks. They are only able to survive without water for a few days. If a cat does not get the water it needs, it is likely to die from dehydration.S... Read More »

How long can a hermit crab live without food or water?

Hermit crabs can live up to 10 days without food. They need a constant supply of water. They eat up to 1/2 inch of food every two to three days. Give them water in a clam shell, and clear away rott... Read More »

What human food can you feed a dog?

Though a wide variety of nutritional pet foods exist, virtually all dog owners consider supplementing their canine's diet. Some human food is healthy for occasional canine snacks. The wrong items, ... Read More »