How long can a garnishment last?

Answer A garnishment will last until the debt is paid in full. In most cases, courts allow the creditor to garnish wages for six to 12 weeks and then the creditor must pay another fee to garnish the wages... Read More »

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How long do I have to respond to a garnishment?

The typical time to respond to a garnishment proceeding is about three weeks, according to A Fresh Start Law Offices. The paperwork is mailed to the last-known address, so many people under garnish... Read More »

How long is a wage garnishment good for in CA?

Wage garnishment in California can last up to four years for written credit card agreements and two years for unwritten ones. Written contracts are good for four years, and domestic or foreign judg... Read More »

How long does a writ of garnishment take?

A writ of garnishment is a court-ordered seizure of property or wages from a debtor in order to repay a debt owed to a creditor. The time it takes to serve a writ of garnishment varies in each indi... Read More »

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