How long can a dog be punished after bad behavior?

Answer On One Hand: Dogs should be punished and taughtAccording to, dogs should not be punished for a long time as they lack the ability to connect the punishment to the crime, if the p... Read More »

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Behavior Management in Long-Term Care?

Assessing, addressing and managing the behaviors of patients in long-term care is a challenging task. Understanding the laws of your state can guide you in making decisions. Furthermore, staff memb... Read More »

How to Focus on Positive Behavior Rather Than Negative Behavior During Classroom Management?

NASP Resources reports problem behavior is the most common reason students are removed from the classroom. Students with serious behavior issues generally encompass 20 percent of enrollment. This m... Read More »

How to Avoid Being Punished with Bad Grades?

Ok, the first problem was your report card, and the second was your excuse when your parents found out. No more excuses like that! Read this guide and be?

How should domestic violence be punished?

jail for a looooooooonnnnngggggggg timejail for a looooooooonnnnngggggggg time