How long can a clover stay green if you press it in a book?

Answer Until you open the book.

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How Long Can a Green Card Holder Stay out of the USA?

A green card holder is considered a permanent resident of the USA. To maintain that status, a visit outside the USA can last no longer than one year. However, there are times when travel outside th... Read More »

How long can a thai green curry stay in the fridge for?

How long do green beans stay fresh in refrigerator?

It depend on what temperature is in the refrigerator?I think it will last for ten daysat ten degree .

How long can a green card holder stay in China?

People over 18 years old can generally stay in China for 10 years at a time with a green card, and individuals under 18 can often get a green card for 5 years at a time. Chinese green cards allow p... Read More »