How long can a child under six years old be in care of the childrens aid before they are taken away from their parents for good?

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Can you sign guardianship to biological father of adopted child if he is 15 years old and the child wants this and adoptive parents agree?

Not many people would want to marry into a pre-existing relationship between you and your adopted child. I am not used to the concept of an unmarried person having "stabilized their family conditi... Read More »

Why are parents foster parents family members babysitters and child care providers all considered caregivers?

because they are willing to take care of you and they love you

When parents have a child removed by social services in Massachusetts what parental rights still apply for them to protect their child in foster care?

Sounds pretty unusual to me, but what's important is that it made you uncomfortable. You, of all people, would know whether it was just the way your mom shows affection or whether it was something ... Read More »

Can parents get in trouble for child abuse if it's reported a few years later?

AnswerFirst you have to define the type of abuse and if it can at this point in time be substanitated by medical evidence or other acceptable corroboration. In general child abuse/neglect in order ... Read More »