How long can a child live with hiv?

Answer On One Hand: HIV is very debilitatingIf left untreated a child with HIV infection does not have prospects for a long life. Approximately 55 percent of HIV-infected infants will not live to their se... Read More »

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If neither parent has custody can the father take their child to live with him and it not be a crime so long as he files a parenting plan and they both live in Washington state?

Answer Do it the legal way and have her served. You will need to file the proper custody paperwork at the courthouse, then wait until she is served. Once she has been served, take the children leg... Read More »

How long does a child have to live with someone else to be considered abandoned in the state of Texas?

Answer The mere act of a child residing with someone other than the parent or legal guardian does not constitute abandonment.Abandonment is legally defined as the act of leaving a person without t... Read More »

If you live with your mom and your dad lives in Oklahoma and left when you were 7 and he hasn't paid any child support but you still want to live with him are you legally allowed to do so?

Answer it all depends on your gae. for example, if you're 18 YES

We pay child support but the child doesn't live with the mother. What can we do?

You should be more concerned with who is taking care of the child rather than the possibility that you can stop paying child support. You need to return to the court that issued the order and ask t... Read More »