How long can a child collect social security for disabled parent?

Answer If the child is collecting Social Security Disability from the disabled parent's benefit, he or she may generally collect it until the age of 18. However, under current law, if the child remains a ... Read More »

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Can a person who is 6 percent disabled collect on social security?

Because its progressive. Over time it gets worse. If not treated will almost always end in death. Its chronic meaning that if treated that it will get better. (Don't drink) and once you have it, yo... Read More »

Can a person who has never worked collect Social Security if you have no spouse you are 18 and your mom is disabled?

Possibly. You can collect Social Security disability benefits under a parent's earnings record if you are determined to be disabled before age 22, even if you have never worked. At 18, you are no ... Read More »

Can a person who is 25 percent disabled but is working collect Social Security disability benefits?

No. The Social Security Administration only pays disability benefits if they determine you have a qualifying condition, are completely disabled, and are expected to remain disabled for at least one... Read More »

Can a child collect survivor Social Security benefits?

On One Hand: Natural Children Get BenefitsSurvivor benefits are paid to the natural children of a deceased worker. Children who are 19 years old or younger, are not married and are full-time studen... Read More »