How long can a child be left home alone in Georgia?

Answer Answer I'm sure it varys from county to county.

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How long can a child be left home alone in Iowa?

I cannot answer your question with a yes or no because there isn't enough information. Emotional abuse goes deeper than just being yelled at "a lot" by your dad. For complete information about emot... Read More »

In the state of Georgia what age can children be left home alone over night?

That I'm actually able to have fun, and ignore these kinds of stupid questions.

Can you stop your 17-year-old child from moving out of your home in Georgia to a non-relative's home in Florida?

Answer Of course you can!!!.....until the child is 18......

When is a child old enough to be left home alone?

Different people mature at different times ... hard to put a definite age on this answer, but possibly the safest answer is that no child should ever be left at home, alone, but if one absolutely h... Read More »