How long can chicken pox live outside your body?

Answer If you mean outside as in a not infected person, then forever until it's killed by something that's meant to or by accident.

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How long can you live after your head gets cut off?

The brain can survive only for a few seconds without oxygen. It's not like holding your breath because your heart is still pumping blood to your brain. No blood flow and you die in 10-15 seconds at... Read More »

How long can a human live without its head?

If a clean guillotine decapitation occurs, a few factors come into play. First, the blood vessels all vasoconstrict -- they'll close down, trapping oxygenated blood in the head. Also, neurological ... Read More »

How long can head lice live on surfaces?

Head lice don't live long away from the warmth of the scalp. Head lice on surfaces can only live two or three days, versus the 30 days that they can live when feeding on a human scalp.Source:Canadi... Read More »

How long do you boil a chicken for chicken salad?

According to Food Network chef and cookbook author Jamie Oliver, a whole chicken should only boil for a couple of minutes. The temperature should then be lowered to a simmer and the chicken cooked ... Read More »