How long can a bathroom fan vent pipe be?

Answer According to the California Real Estate Inspection Association, there is no building code regulation regarding the length of a bathroom fan vent pipe. However, according to DPIS Engineering, a leng... Read More »

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Can PVC be used for a dryer vent pipe?

According to Appliance 411, you should not use PVC as a substitute for a dryer vent pipe. PVC causes a static cling effect that attracts lint and can eventually lead to a clogged dryer vent pipe. U... Read More »

How do you unclogged a drain pipe vent?

How do I insulate a dryer vent pipe?

Use a roll of two-inch thick fiberglass insulation. Dryer vent pipes cause moisture leaks due to condensation that forms on the inside or outside of the pipe, which can run down interior walls and ... Read More »

DIY Bathroom Vent?

Bathroom vents are much more than a fresh-air outlet. The purpose of the vent is to remove moist air and keep your bathroom from getting too damp. They have an electric fan inside the unit to help ... Read More »