How long can a VW engine last?

Answer A Volkswagen (VW) engine can last approximately 562,880 miles. Syl Schmid of Ohio obtained this mileage with the original diesel engine in his 1986 Jetta.Source:Volkswatch

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What is an engine long block?

When an engine has accumulated excessive miles or has had catastrophic damage, replacement with a new or re-manufactured engine can restore a vehicle's performance. Engines are available in various... Read More »

How to Assemble a Long-Block Engine?

Contrary to what some believe, the difference between a short-block and long-block engine is not the length of the engine. In fact, there are three ways to order an engine. A complete engine is exa... Read More »

How long does it need to be below freezing for a boat engine to break?

It only takes one or two nights of freezing temperatures, if any water remains in the motor, for a boat engine to break. The first step in preparing an engine for winter is draining all of the wate... Read More »

Is it true that the car's engine will shut down when we are stay too long around the railway Why is it so?

No, train operations have absolutely NO effect on automobiles, none whatsoever. In fact there are vehicles called "hy rails" that have special wheels that allow them to run on the track or the high... Read More »