How long can a 13-year-old stay alone?

Answer cleaning, home improvements, making the house smell odd, sex, making sure the tv works by watching it for hours, the list is endless. I think men can help around the house by taking out the trash a... Read More »

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Why do pine trees stay green all year long?

Pine trees belong to a group of trees classified as evergreens. Evergreen trees retain most of their green needles throughout the year. The waxy, thick, green needle-shaped leaves help the tree by... Read More »

What are some good bedding plants that stay all year long?

you say that you want them to last for years, then bedding plants(so- called because you change them) aren't what you are after - a great one, however, if you still want one is Gazania. They open ... Read More »

Is it legal for a 12 year old to stay home with a 5 year old sibling and no adult supervision for 8-10 hours a day while the parents work?

Answer It depends on what State you live.  In Canada 12 years of age is legal to look after children younger than yourself.  However 8 - 10 hour days is a big weight on a 12 year old and you shou... Read More »

How to Get Your Two Year Old Child to Stay in Bed?

The transition between baby and child is difficult for all parents. Removing the crib is one of the hardest decisions many parents must make. Suddenly, there is nothing to hold your child in bed. H... Read More »