How long can Xalatan be stored?

Answer Xalatan should be kept in your refrigerator until you decide to open and use it. Once the medication is opened, it can be stored at room temperature, up to 77 degrees for six weeks.Source:Xalatan:... Read More »

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How long can gas be stored in a gas can?

The American Petroleum Institute recommends that gasoline be discarded at a disposal facility after two years at the most. They also recommend not storing gasoline from season to season. Gasoline p... Read More »

How long can lamp oil be stored?

One to three months is the longest that kerosene oil lamp should be stored. Over time kerosene can break down and water can be introduced into the fuel. It can also be contaminated by mold and bact... Read More »

How long can dehydrated food be stored?

Foods that are properly dehydrated and stored have a shelf life of one year for best results. Some foods are capable of lasting three or more years, but the quality is greatly reduced during this t... Read More »

How long can diesel fuel be stored?

The length of time that diesel fuel can be stored depends largely on the ambient temperature. At an ambient temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or more, diesel can be stored for six to 12 months, ... Read More »