How long can I record things on this camera?

Answer I wouldnt even buy it. Get something with at least a 4x zoom, but thats just me.

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My Flip Camera Will Not Record. turns off as soon as i press record and does not charge properly?

Is it legal to record a vedio camera with tell the person they are being record?

the primary issue is a right to privacy. the local laws vary. California allows taping on public property (roads, sidewalks, parks but not inside houses), or anything clearly visible from public pr... Read More »

How do you record tv with a camera - I have plugged it in and on my tv screen i can see like what i can see from my camera screen - how do I record tv using my camera?

no unless your camera has a input and your tv has an output but instead of doing that if your looking to make some good quality vids you got to spend a little money on a hd pvr you might have to pl... Read More »

Can you record things from your cellphone if you have Dish Network?

If you have a DVR receiver, an Internet connection to your receiver, and the application downloaded to certain supported cellphones, you can setup timers, delete recorded events, and view your chan... Read More »