How long before your due date should you be prepared to possibly go into labor?

Answer 36 weeks

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Surprises during labor/delivery that you weren't prepared for?

I was surprised that my husband found the need to order pizza when I was in full blown labor, then sat there eating it in front of me."But it's dinner time." was all he could say. Yes, it was, but ... Read More »

You are at 35wks and 3 days and 12cm dilated and 80 effaced just to be prepared when should you prepare yourself for going in to labor?

well if it is a big hurt then about 3 to 5 mins if it is small hurt then 1 to 2 mins

Emm..can u help me what 2 wear on my date prepared 2 outfits.. :D?

Preparing both outfits won't be a waste because (presumably) it isn't like you are only seeing him for one date, if he's your bf. I don't exactly understand why he would be "surprised" by your look... Read More »

How long can you keep prepared steak in the fridge?

This food will last for a few days. 5 days in the refrigerator is as long as you want to store this food here. Place the food in an air tight container or freezer bags. Then you can transfer it to ... Read More »