How long before wine goes bad?

Answer It all depends. Smell and taste it.There have been many questions of this type on this board and I have been experimenting with keeping the remains of wine in the fridge and to my surprise they kee... Read More »

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How long does an open bottle of wine last before it goes bad?

A good two or three weeks well sealed and kept in the refrigerator. The small bottles can be really handy for cooking. If you have to buy a 4-pack, keep the extras in the fridge. Another good trick... Read More »

After opening a bottle of red wine, how long do I have to finish it before it goes off?

Typically, you have about 6 hours before the taste is highly distorted. If you want to keep some red wine on stock at home, there are a couple of things.1. Look to purchase smaller (750 ml) bottle... Read More »

How long can yogurt sit out before it goes bad?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, yogurt and other dairy products should sit out no longer than two hours. Allowing dairy products to sit out at room temperature longer encourages harm... Read More »

How long can a turkey be frozen before it goes bad?

For best taste, eat your commercially frozen turkey within 6 months. It will be safe to eat for much longer than that since pathogenic bacteria will not grow at proper freezer temperatures - althou... Read More »