How long before money is disbursed on a lawsuit?

Answer Money can be disbursed after a plaintiff settles a lawsuit or obtains a judgment against a defendant. A number of variables affect if and when a plaintiff will obtain money from a defendant.Lawsuit... Read More »

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How long do i wait for my student loan after money has been disbursed to my school?

Each school has its own refund disbursement date. Some are soon after classes start and some are not until the middle of the semester. Call your financial aid office and ask when the refund disbu... Read More »

How to Protect Money From a Lawsuit?

In the United States you can be held liable for not only your own acts, but also the acts of your spouse, children, and even your employees. If you make a mistake, it may not take long before a law... Read More »

How to File a Lawsuit for Money Owed?

Creditors and service providers often settle financial disputes out of court through options like refinancing, settlement and reworking of payment amounts and schedules. When these options fail, la... Read More »

Do you have to pay your insurance back if you get money from the Vioxx lawsuit?

It depends on what type of insurance you have (public vs. private) and on how your policy is written. Insurance programs run by a state entity, Medi-Cal for instance, typically have the right to a... Read More »