How long before kentucky bluegrass seed germinates?

Answer Kentucky bluegrass seeds are one of the slowest types of grass seed to germinate, so don't get concerned if it takes a while. These seeds can take between two and three weeks to germinate and do be... Read More »

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How long before grass seed germinates?

The speed at which grass seed germinates depends on the type of grass. Kentucky Bluegrass takes up to two weeks, rye grass take three to five days, and zoysia grass takes about 10 days to germinate... Read More »

How long before blue grass seed germinates?

Grass seeds vary in how long they can take to germinate, or sprout, after you've sown the seeds for your lawn. According to the All About Lawns website, Kentucky bluegrass takes longer to germinate... Read More »

How long does Kentucky bluegrass take to germinate?

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) germinates in 14 to 30 days. This cool season grass puts on the best growth during the fall, winter and spring. This grass does not grow well in hot weather and w... Read More »

How do i kill kentucky bluegrass?

Decrease rootsDecrease the root growth of Kentucky bluegrass by applying a fertilizer with high nitrogen and mowing the turf frequently. Kentucky bluegrass grows by rhizomes beneath the soil, creat... Read More »