How long before exercise should you eat energy foods such as bananas?

Answer you can energy foods before, or even during a game. I think that in the super bowl, players would eat bananas during a timeout or halftime. just dont eat too much or you'll get cramps

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What foods have protein in, and what foods are high in energy?

Every food has protein in it.Animal foods and nuts, starches have the most protein and highest amount of energy. The fats from animal foods and nuts have the most energy, but are usually slow relea... Read More »

Sources of Energy During Exercise?

Exercise participation involves many different types of activities. Some activities are more relaxed and easygoing, while others are very intense and require a tremendous amount of effort. With the... Read More »

How can I have more energy on days when I can't exercise?

Unlike what a lot of people think you don't have to join a gym, spend money or join an organized sport or club to get exercise. Similarly many people say that they don't have time to exercise. Th... Read More »

I ate heavy foods around 4am-10am, should I exercise today?

You eat in the middle of the night? Recipe for weight gain. A better diet/exercise plan would be:Breakfast: Cook 9-grain cereal (from health food store) in water with rolled oats and wheat bran. ... Read More »