How long before I have to admit it's up my bottom?

Answer you're so immature. don't ask stupid questions.

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How long have bottom freezers been on the market?

Refrigerators with a bottom freezer have been on the market since 1957 when the Amana brand (now owned by Whirlpool) manufactured the first bottom freezer, according to Monica Teague, senior public... Read More »

If you have a little overbite and some crooked teeth on bottom how long would you have to wear braces and how much would they cost?

Answer It really depends on the orthodontist and the type of braces they use. You can get free consultations from pretty much any orthodontist. They will tell you about how long you will need to ... Read More »

Should i admit i went to another school or not admit it?

I believe that if you have applied for financial aid and used the funds at this old college where you did poorly, you would have to list that college on your college application and mail the new co... Read More »

How long does it take before you can tell you are pregnant and how long before you should feel symptoms?

2 weeks after intercourse. Well, with me I had symptoms a week before I got pregnant so i don't know everyones body is diffrentAnswerHmmm, you say you knew you were pg a week before? My breasts hav... Read More »