How long are you required to keep payroll records?

Answer Payroll records must be kept for a minimum of three years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Preserve records upon which wage calculations are based, such as wage rate tables and time card... Read More »

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How long do I have to keep payroll records for a closed business?

You must keep payroll records for as long as the Internal Revenue Service can question the expense. Payroll tax records should be maintained for four years after you remit your final payroll tax pa... Read More »

How long are dentists required to keep patient records in Colorado?

The state of Colorado requires dentists to retain dental records of adult patients for seven calendar years from the date of the patients' last appointment. For patients under the age of 18, dentis... Read More »

How long is a dentist required to save business records?

Seven years. The Internal Revenue Service has three years from the filing date to conduct an audit on a business return unless a review of a return shows under-reporting of gross income by 25 perce... Read More »

How long does an employer have to keep payroll registers&check copies?

The IRS suggests that employers retain employee records for six years. Auditors do review canceled checks and check registers, all of which need to be on file for six years. This does not mean that... Read More »