How long are the children of presidents protected by the secret service?

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How long do children of presidents get secret service protection?

Children of former presidents get Secret Service protection until age 16.

Are the mayor of a city children protected by secret service agent?

The secret service does not live in the White House. Actually it would be more appropriate to say that secret service agents do not live in the White House. The US Secret Service is tasked with Pr... Read More »

How long do presidents get secret service?

As long as they are the Presidents, they are protected by the Secret Service. The secret service is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the United States president at all times.

How long do ex-presidents have secret service?

If the president was elected before January 1, 1997, the will receive secret service protection for their lifetime. However, if they were/are elected after 1/1/97, they will receive secret service ... Read More »