How long are sphynx cats pregnant?

Answer Sphynx cats are pregnant for about 65 days, the same as other cat species. The length of a pregnancy can vary from four days before or four days after the due date, so a cat with a normal pregnancy... Read More »

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Care of Sphynx Cats?

The first Sphynx cat was a genetic anomaly, born hairless in 1966. Since then, breeders have expanded the line by breeding hairless cats with regular cats, then back again, making for a stable bree... Read More »

How to Clean Sphynx Cats Ears?

Sphynx cats appear to have more ear wax than most cats because they have little or no hair in their ears, so dirt, skin oils, and ear wax accumulate more frequently. Sphynx cats ears will need to b... Read More »

Are cats harmful to pregnant women?

I have a cat that has been with us through my two pregnancies. It was fine for me and others I know. The concern with cats is toxoplasmosis, which can be transmitted to humans by handling cat feces... Read More »

How Much Should I Pay for a Sphynx Kitten?

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