How long are short sale properties listed?

Answer A short sale in real estate is when the bank agrees to allow the property to be sold for less than is owed. Short sale is often used to keep the property out of foreclosure. There is no set amount ... Read More »

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Stock Long Short Sale Information?

Stocks can be held as a long position or as a short position. There are considerations for holding each position.

The Advantages of a Short Sale & How Long it Takes to Close?

A short sale is a real estate transaction where the seller receives less money than what is necessary to pay off the property's debt. Short sales, often used as an alternative to foreclosure, typic... Read More »

How long does a short sale stay on a credit report?

A short sale of a home can negatively affect the seller's credit score. In many cases the short sale will have a 150 to 300 point negative impact on a credit score, which could take up to three ye... Read More »

How Long After Approval Does a Short Sale Close?

A short sale is one alternative to a foreclosure. It occurs when the property owner lists real estate for less than the amount needed to pay off all the loans on the property. The sale price is "sh... Read More »