How do you let your Representitves and Senators know what your wants are?

Answer Criminal youth should definitely have their privacy protected. Not only does it show respect for them as a person but it will help them return to their normal lives after they have served their time.

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Do US senators pay federal taxes?

The 16th Amendment requires that all citizens pay a tax on income, regardless of the source. However, prior to 1983 U.S. senators were enrolled in the Civil Service Retirement System, which exempte... Read More »

Who were the eight Republican senators who voted for Don't Ask Don't Tell?

Who were the 8 republican senators who voted for don't ask don't tell?

Olympia Snowe ME Susan Collins ME Scott Brown MA Lisa Murkowski AK Richard Burr NC Mark Kirk IL John Ensign NV George Voinovich OH

How much petty cash do senators get?

U.S. Senators get an allowance to pay for staff and office expenses. The amount varies depending on the distance of the Senator’s state from Washington, D.C. The average allowance for fiscal year... Read More »