How long are personal checks good for?

Answer While the actual law differs by state and country, in most cases checks can be cashed without any problems for up to six months from when they were written. Certain checks from businesses, however,... Read More »

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How long are traveler's checks good for?

Traveler's checks do not have expiration dates. You can purchase traveler's checks now and use them in the future without worrying that they will expire. Always sign your checks when you receive th... Read More »

How long are uncashed checks good for?

Some banks will refuse payment on a check after a period of six months. On the other hand, some banks will honor a check indefinitely, so it is best to check with the financial institution in quest... Read More »

How long are bank teller checks good for?

Bank teller checks do not expire. However, after a certain length of time, depending on the state and/or bank, they are subjected to a state's abandon property laws. You can research via the websit... Read More »

How long are adoption background checks good for?

Each background check is good for up to 15 months for adoptions. The most used check when seeking to adopt is fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is used because the fingerprints never change on a perso... Read More »