How long are one month contacts good for?

Answer According to eMedicineHealth, one month disposable contacts can be used from one to three months total, depending on an eye doctor's recommendation. The contact lenses should be removed, cleaned an... Read More »

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Why do my eyes burn even though my contacts expire at the end of the month and it's not the end of the month?

Try changing your lens solution. Renu burns my eyes but alcon optifree doesn't burn at all. If that doesn't help I would consult your eye doctor as you may have a defective contact. It doesn't happ... Read More »

How long are packaged contacts good for?

There should be an expiration date on the individual lens packaging as well as on the original box (on the side with the prescription on it. Ex: 2014/10 (October 2014).

AUSSIES- theres an OPTUS fusion plan [24 month] $99 a month , unlimited line-calls, 20 gig internet,

Rob and I were looking at that the other day....I think it's a great deal but I would look at the other providers first and see what their offering.

Keeping the contacts in its case with multi-purpose solution for a month continuously?

Most multi purpose solutions are good for up to a month when just being used for storage. If you use them at anytime in the month though , you need to replace the solution.Your problem lon... Read More »