How long are nerve cells in our body?

Answer The nerve cells in our body, or neurons, are approximately 1m in length. This can vary in different parts of the body, where they can be much longer. The longest nerve cell in the human body is the... Read More »

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How many nerve cells are in a human body?

Nerve cells, or neurons, carry electrical messages to and from the brain. Scientists do not yet know the average number of neurons in the human body; past estimates range from 10 billion to 1 trill... Read More »

How long do sperm cells live once out of the body?

Once sperm are outside the body, most die within a few minutes. Some may survive for up to an hour. Inside the body, most sperm can live for a few days, and some may live for up to five days.Source... Read More »

How many nerve cells are in the human brain?

According to Dr. Eric Chudler of the University of Washington, the average human brain contains 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons. Compare this to the 300 million in an octopus brain and the 950,... Read More »

How Do Cancer Cells Differ From Normal Cells in the Body?

Cancer cells are different from normal body cells due to a cancer cell's deviance from normal cell reproduction. Normal cells know when to stop reproducing. A cancer cell will continue to multiply ... Read More »